Anna Kulakovskaja


Anna Kulakovskaja | Kiev

Anna Kulakovskaja was born in 1986. Since graduating from The National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (2010), she has worked with major design and advertising agencies worldwide. Her colourful and often strikingly complex character designs have already proved hugely popular with companies and organizations all over the world. Using a range of mediums and techniques, in her poignant illustrations of characters, people, and animals, Anna seems to create a secret world designed just for them. Mostly, she finds inspiration in travelling and her Corgi dog Neddy. 


Ogilvy Lithuania, Imago Ogilvy Croatia, McCann Zagreb, McCann Istanbul, DDB Budapest, FCB Tel Aviv, Red Rider Creative, Bruckner Yaar Levi, Provid. 


Volkswagen, Bayer, Raid, T-Mobile, Willi Food, Pack and Go.