Brain CGI | Hamburg

BRAIN is a small unit of CGI and Retouching specialists, who are working on a very high level of virtual photography. Founded by the photographer Tom Grammerstorf, BRAIN transfers the heart of photography and the creative aspects to the virtual world.

After many years of experience in photography, Tom has decided to extend his workflow to the next level, offering an all-in-one solution for his clients. Virtual photography will become a more important part in advertising projects in the near future. CGI is already used for different tasks and implementations. Virtual set design, automotive and product visualization, idealization of real world location with architecture and nature renderings and, of course, liquid simulations. For a much higher quality result, it is necessary to work in a compact and flexible team of photographers, cgi and retouch-artists, who are all working simultaneously and bringing their knowledge together. This results in more space for an accurate and creative image.