Dylan Roscover | Los Angeles

As an expert on typographical portraits and a devoted follower of the scientific method to solving problems, Dylan Roscover seeks to use all types of media to engage people everywhere.

His creative use of text and images was most notably employed when he created a calligram — a drawing composed entirely of text — of Steve Jobs for a university class assignment. Using text from the "Here's to the crazy ones" ad campaign from Apple in the 1990s, Dylan set the words in typefaces appearing in Apple branding and products. Later TIME Magazine commissioned him to create a calligram of President Barack Obama using text from his presidential campaign. Dylan strongly believes in the importance of effective, immersive visual communication. He founded The Experiential Company in Los Angeles as a cutting-edge design studio "specializing in outstanding visuals across all media." He's a man on a mission. The company's motto: Dissipabit non tempus (no time wasted).