Lamano Studio | Santiago

Hi! We are Lamano Studio, an independent, creative and innovative CGI studio of animation and image, we adopting different techniques and languages to give to each work a unique and authentic style.


We make our passion hand in hand with the passion of our clients:

The work of Lamano Studio usually mixes different techniques. Where the direction of art, creation of characters, illustration, CGI, photography, post production, animation and different types of mixed techniques give life to our works. Granting to each of them the seal that characterizes us.


The Founder:

Make our passion is not only about us, always it is a decision of the Lord, His will and our yes… As Dietrich Bonhoeffer says “God adds his ‘Yes’ to your ‘Yes’, as he confirms your will with his will, He makes you at the same time instruments of his will and purpose both for yourselves and for others. In his unfathomable condescension God does add his ‘Yes’ to yours; but by doing so, he creates out of your love something quite new”… and that is pure creation.