Jan Stel | Amsterdam

Jan Stel (1970, Purmerend, the Netherlands) is a self-taught photographer and Photoshop artist. As a creative person, Jan was a pioneering artist in his youth. He created Graffiti murals in the suburbs of Amsterdam and at home he made detailed drawings and realistic illustrations. The analogue photo gear of his father sparked his interest in photography, and inspired him to develop his own creative style. After working for various creative companies he started as a self-employee. 

Jan Stel’s photography is made in pure, natural light; no flashlights or studio lamps are used. This authentic working process takes patience, sensitivity and the excellent timing. But on occasion light is needed to get the spot on feel, but always in such way that the atmosphere stays close to reality. He has many experience in difficult to approach and to visualize projects, which are related to his style of photography and post-production. Intriguing photography which is rich in detail, balanced in colour and with powerful perspectives. But he can also capture strong expressions when it comes to portraits. 

Your projects are in one hand, photography and post-production. And when there is need for 3D/CGI he knows excellent partners to merge all elements to the wishes of the client.