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Graham Thorp is a professional commercial photographer of 10 years.  Based in London, he has travelled extensively shooting in some of the most incredible locations around the world, with top global brands including Bentley, Ford, Mazda, Nissan, Overfinch and Changan, to name but a few.

On a personal note Graham is a devoted husband, proud father to his little son George and a self proclaimed avid coffee lover and Land Rover aficionado. He has a keen eye and a penchant for creating clean, dynamic and evocative images that can exude both drama or tranquillity, yet remaining grounded in truly capturing the essence and narrative of a precise moment and takes great pride in delivering hi-end final images.

Influences throughout his life have led to his passion for automotive and location photography. Growing up amongst the glorious scenery of South Western England, with its stunning, rugged coastline and golden sandy beaches; the windswept, desolate, and mysterious Dartmoor served as a playground as a young boy. The natural beauty of the area instilled a deep appreciation of the great outdoors, which has powerfully influenced his passion for location photography.

After developing a taste for photography, Graham went on to study photography at Plymouth College of Art & Design in Devon. One of his lecturers, an ex-advertising photographer, was fortunately still very well connected within the business and the guest speakers he invited to talk were truly inspirational, fostering motivation and dispelling myths through the entrancing tales that accompanied their images.

Moving to London following college, Graham was incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to assist a number of leading photographers, with their inspiration, location photography became a firm favourite and the thrill of early morning flights, waking up in different hotels around the world at ungodly hours of the morning was, and remains so to this day, both hugely exciting and addictive.





Graham Thorp
Graham Thorp
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