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Yido, Yes I Do, creativity, fantasy, animals, flowers, fine-art, illustrator, designer, art director, London


Yido is how I describe my philosophy: "Yes, I do."

I believe that in life, one must try everything at least once; and in art, one should try to do even more. It makes no sense to close doors on oneself and one’s creativity. Projects must be approached with an open mind – what can you bring that’s distinctly yours and what can you deliver?

Currently, I’m proud to say that London, one of the greatest destinations for art and culture, is my home, and I’ve lived here for several years now. I’m Spanish, and I’ve lived and worked around the world, having spent time living and working in Spain, Switzerland, and Argentina; but it was the art scene of London – having been inspired by urban greats such as D*face, Miss Van, Ben Eine, and Alice Pasquini, to name but a few – which drew me here.

Just like the two hemispheres of the brain, I am one part the artist, and the other part the designer. I like to think that when the two parts come together something uniquely special emerges, and I you’ll see that this is reflected in both my personal and professional portfolios.

You’ll notice that the term WEIRDO appears quite frequently in my art, and that’s simply because I am one. I’m unashamedly and proudly a WEIRDO. I’ve taken a term which, in the past, was often spat at me in loathing by those who feared the concept of difference, and I’ve proudly embraced it as my own by allowing it to fuse and evolve as part of my style and identity.





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